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How does Dermadry work?
Dermadry is a tap-water iontophoresis device. This solution works by directing a small current through the skin, neutralizing the connections between the sweat nerves and sweat glands. Our device treats different levels of hyperhidrosis, from mild to severe.
How effective is Dermadry?
Studies show that the success rates of iontophoresis devices can reach 93%, 98.5% and even 100% of patients treated for hyperhidrosis. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee so that you can purchase with confidence.
Where are your products made?
Our products are designed, manufactured, and shipped out from our head offices in Montreal, Canada.
Are there any side effects to using Dermadry?
For a list of side effects, click here:
Can everyone use Dermadry?
Dermadry is suitable for most people over the age of 13.
Is iontophoresis a medically-recognized treatment?
Yes, it is. Iontophoresis has been used to treat hyperhidrosis since the 1940s. It is often recommended for those who have not had any results with other treatments, as well as those who require stronger treatment.

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